Get Ready to Take a Journey Through Betty Halbreich’s Lifelong Experience

20170314_133809Do you like to read autobiographies of outstanding people?

If your answer is yes, “I’ll Drink to That: New York’s Legendary Personal Shopper and Her Life in Style-With a Twist” is a good preference traveling to a unique personal shopper’s life. This journey does not take part only in her career but also in her personal life. What makes more special this book is that you listen the story from Betty Halbreich’s soft and candid voice.

Betty Halbreich is stylist and personal shopper in one of New York’s luxury department stores, Bergdorf Goodman. You could be questioning ‘Why is she an outstanding character?‘, or ‘Why do I find a personal shopper’s memoirs are interesting?

Well, firstly, reading her fashionable and challenging life recharges your inspiration batteries. She is from Chicago, has no siblings, got married at her young ages and moved to New York. Then she had two children, but her marriage did not continue because of her husband’s unfaithful behaviors. Subsequently, she ended up in a hospital in consequence of her nervous breakdown. Till that time she was dependent on her husband as a housewife, but later she stepped in working life, and learn how to manage her life, income, and a house.

Secondly, she builds a lifelong career without even changing her workplace. She helps her wide client scale including celebrities, movie stars, stylists.

For instance, she was behind Sex and the City characters’ adorable wardrobe with Patricia Field. And for sure this is not the only one.

Though her job is related in clothes, shoes, accessorizes her assistance is not merely limited on apparel. While Betty is helping her customers to get dressed, she listens their confidential stories as a reliable friend. There are some customers whom she has assisted since the beginning of her career. Surely, that carries the relationship beyond commerce, or shopping and creates a family friendship. By the same token, it makes her pretty trustworthy.

untitledI have one client who tries her clothes on with her back to the mirror, facing me. Trusting and preferring my opinion over her own reflection.”

Beyond giving her opinion about shopping, she feeds her clientele as a personal adviser, too. Such as the best nursery school, party planners, bakeries. Namely, her help is boundless.

Take a consider that she is more than 80 years old which brings in the book a historical aspect about life, biz world, fashion, and shopping. She describes New York’s night life fashion during WWII and then takes you to today’s fashion world.

As this epigram may indicate, she observes fashion ecosystem and tells the truth straightly.

And also there are many parts which take me in the story and feel that I am alike her, or I think so.

untitled… I have a dozen pairs of shoes in my closet that are so beautiful. Only my feet don’t think so. I would like to wear them on my hands.”

Don’t you have any of those shoes giving you so much pain and even sometimes blood? I have many. But anyway I keep them in my closet and continue to wear them by the help of adhesive bandage.

Shortly, Betty Halbreich with co-author Rebecca Paley present you a well-written experience and true life story. Whether you are a housewife, a fashionista, or a biz persona it doesn’t matter, surely it would worth to read, and learn from Betty’s vigorous experience.

Wish you a much better journey than mine…

📖 I’ll Drink to That: New York’s Legendary Personal Shopper and Her Life in Style-With a Twist
Betty Halbreich with Rebecca Paley

272 pages, Virago Press

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