Discovering Flamenco Land

flamencoYou have a liking for flamenco, and your curiosity is beyond listening to it.

If so, “Flamenco, An Englishman’s Passion” would be a good choice to acquire a knowledge about this folkloric from renown guitarists, dancers, singers to unknown ones as well as its culture and history.

As book’s name indicates, its author, Tony Bryant*, is from England. Yet his background is far away from flamenco, he is a musician. Actually, his dream was to be a rock-star, and he played in some English bands as a drummer. However, he worked in many jobs which were not related to music in his early business life.

After working in different jobs and living in different countries he went to Spain, and began working on his first book, named Flamenco, An Englishman’s Passion.

From beginning to end of the book, his passion, humble personality and sincere voice accompanies you.

For instance, the book starts with a quotation from Spanish writer Federico García Lorca. It explains what drove Bryant to write a book in a valid manner.

untitledWhile it is important to learn rules at the outset of one’s career, an artiste must discard them, because art springs from the soul, not some pre-existing code.”

And it ends with Tony Bryant’s candid expression. “I do not profess to be an expert on the art of flamenco, just a passionate follower of it, and I have merely offered my personal opinions and preferences throughout this book.”

Personally, I feel that the book is his journey through flamenco’s planet. While I was reading it, I joined him and wandered in Andalusia’s streets. By the help of his excellent description talent I could feel the glamorous atmosphere of flamenco festivals, sit in taverns and old peñas, listen to flamenco music and watch flamenco performances.

In other words, the book’s flowing language lets reader take part in the narration. Thus, the reader moves beyond being an audience and becomes a player on stage.

Though the book has an informative aspect, it is definitely appealing. Bryant’s fluent language makes you understand the spirit of this culture smoothly.

The book also contains a discography part including the writer’s advice about flamenco CDs.

Indeed, I flooded with information about art of flamenco. I could recommend it to the people who want to discover this folkloric. Plus, it might be a useful source to researches with its comprehensive content.

For example, I read it before writing an article about flamenco fashion. Thankfully, I could go beyond that and widen my flamenco view about its culture as well as its fashion.

Shortly, Flamenco, An Englishman’s Passion helped me to understand and appreciate the art of flamenco as Tony Bryant says in preface of third edition.

Hope that it would help to you.

📖 Flamenco, An Englishman’s Passion
Tony Bryant

246 pages, Sol y Sombra Books

*You could visit Tony Bryant’s website in order to get more information about him and his other books.

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