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Centuries ago, golfing started to strengthen its ties with business world. At the beginning, of course, it was not a game of biz society, but it gained a business-wide popularity by the help of the situation created by Industrial Revolution.

At that time, a new group of people emerged, named middle-class, between upper and lower class society. Those people did belong neither noble community nor worker ensemble. However, they had time to spend for leisure activities, and budget to afford expensive services. Those were the people who created today’s golf, injected business spirit to the game, and wrote its dress code such as sportive biz.

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Golf is one of the sports that does not have gender, or age limitation. As David Stirk, the author of ‘Golf; The History of an Obsession’, points out “You can start learning as soon as you can walk, and play it until you can walk no longer.

Today, just being able to walk is not adequate to play a round of golf on the course, meaning a professional assistance is essential. Nonetheless, the first lesson will not be how to swing the club properly, but it will be about discovering its relevancy with business globe and choosing appropriate outfit for golfing, which are important features both pros and amateurs should be aware of.

Indeed, to notice the ties between golfing and business world gets much easier, once having acquired a knowledge of the sport and starting to put the theory into practice. For example, both do not accept stress for a successful swing. In other words, on the green or in the office doesn’t matter, a clear mind is an obligation to accomplish the mission.

Likewise, directing the ball to its target is akin to making a decision at work. Player must focus on only the goal, thinking nothing and without stress, to hit the drive to the right point. Because, if stress or anything else accompanies the player’s movement, sure enough, it can not access to the intended target.

This is one of the reasons leading some companies prefer golf courses for their job interviews. By the help of that, employer may choose employees who are good at decision-making, since it displays the reality in a natural manner.

Additionally, golfing requires proper behavior, control, obedience to the rules, concentration, accuracy, courteousness, risk-taking, and good judgment. Those are the features among business globe concerns as well. On the plus side, continuing to play golf while acting on work stage could progress employees’ business attitudes.

Another similarity between golf and business, surely, is clothes. As Jenn Harris simply emphasized in her article, ‘What to Wear on the Golf Course’,

untitledWear what you wore to the office out to the course and just change your shoes. If it is business appropriate, it should be golf appropriate!”

By that logic, jeans are one of the clothes that are unacceptable on the golf stage as they are in white collar environment. Yet despite, first golfers did not mind their outfit as much as today’s players do, and wore daily casual clothes. But recent trend is far beyond its historical view. Today, there is not any golf club that the dress code is not described on its website.

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Especially, traditional golf authorities heed the outfit of their members and the guests. And they require mostly conservative clothes. On the contrary, PGA and LPGA are more flexible about golfers’ attire than traditional ones. Ladies, for instance, are allowed to wear skirts, shorts, and dresses above the knee, similar to tennis clothes, whereas they are mostly not allowed in golf clubs having classic line.

Despite all the flexibility, sometimes inappropriate attire could become the reason of not entering the club. Imagine, a meeting would be held whilst playing a round of golf, and one of the players would be sent back cause of unsuitable dress. Going to home, and dressing up properly, though, might be a good solution, would be the reason of missing the game as well as the networking opportunity.

Even if post-game meeting, which is the main concern, could be caught at nineteenth hole, it is not the short-cut between first and twentieth teeing ground. Remember this sport follows the rules, excuses are unacceptable, and competition is on at the fairway.

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In short, check the club’s web page, put on appropriate outfit, be punctual, follow the rules, compete fairly. Then just swing the club for success.

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