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Firstly, this is a blog about fashion&logistics, and their relationship in business landscape.

If you have found this webpage by searching engines, it means you’ve been looking for some information about fashion brands, logistics management, business day, and so on.

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If you want to learn about who is the host, here I am.

You are hosted by me!

I was born in Istanbul and left the city in 2003 as a communications engineer. Then I continued my education about logistics. After studying one year, I started my career in 2004.

I had worked in different logistics workplaces and took different roles in this area for 10 years.

Neither my education nor my career are related to social science, however, I always care about it. So I decided to study political history in 2014. And two years after, I was graduated with a MA degree from Kocaeli University, which is located in the city Kocaeli, close to Istanbul in Turkey.

Even though I am a fan of Istanbul, I couldn’t have lived there since 2003. During those years I had been traveling between cities, countries and continents and all these journeys helped me to gain experience about work, education, people, cultures, and places.

The knowledge, which I saved during those years, has generated the fundamental of my thoughts.

What am I doing now?

I am sharing that knowledge with you all.

I gather my interest of fashion, my career in logistics, and my experience of different lifestyles, then began to write.

My purpose is that looking at the logistics issue from the perspective of fashion and contributing some fashionable colors to a little boring work-sphere of logistics.

Shortly, Fashion&Logistics are hand-in-hand in business.

Whether you are a student, a researcher, a manager, a sales assistant, and the like in these sectors, surely, you would find something related to your interest from the articles, analyses, and comments published on this blog.

Thanks for visiting the background page, and keep on