Centenary&Timeless Issue: Inside Vogue

20180717_205832.jpgMost of us do not work in a fashion magazine, but all of us at least once have read or just had a look at one in a waiting room, without exactly knowing what is hidden behind each glamorous page.

Sure enough, there is a big team behind the scene and a team leader, editor-in-chief, carrying the burden on her shoulder. And if a magazine expands its borders across the world, then it becomes an international brand employing different editors in different countries.

Alexandra Shulman, for instance, she had served in British Vogue for years.

Then Inside Vogue by Shulman would be the right address to have insight about this secret world.

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Customer x Brand Collaboration: Mass customization

Collaboration strategy is not a new story in fashion landscape. Each year many brands prefer to enrich their product line with another partner. Normally, collabs enter the market such as brand x brand partnership, brand x designer, or high fashion x fast fashion. However, in these days, fashion companies have discovered another niche, called mass customization. And their partner is their own clientele. In other words, brands and customers are hand-in-hand under the roof of customization.

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Dress for Successful Swing: Sportive Biz

Centuries ago, golfing started to strengthen its ties with business world. At the beginning, of course, it was not a game of biz society, but it gained a business-wide popularity by the help of the situation created by Industrial Revolution.

At that time, a new group of people emerged, named middle-class, between upper and lower class society. Those people did belong neither noble community nor worker ensemble. However, they had time to spend for leisure activities, and budget to afford expensive services. Those were the people who created today’s golf, injected business spirit to the game, and wrote its dress code such as sportive biz.

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Get Ready to Take a Journey Through Betty Halbreich’s Lifelong Experience

20170314_133809Do you like to read autobiographies of outstanding people?

If your answer is yes, “I’ll Drink to That: New York’s Legendary Personal Shopper and Her Life in Style-With a Twist” is a good preference traveling to a unique personal shopper’s life. This journey does not take part only in her career but also in her personal life. What makes more special this book is that you listen the story from Betty Halbreich’s soft and candid voice.

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Is e-commerce strategy enough to stay on fashion stage?

in recent years, the number of tech-driven consumers has increased as a result of massive technological wave. And this rise has influenced the fashion retailers to play digitally oriented in sector. However, this is not the only reason, for the business side of the issue online selling is much more cost-effective than managing physical stores.

For instance, BCBG Max Azria. According to Sourcing Journal, the multi-brand company has dealt with financial problems last few years. Its heavy debt was a big burden for the company and it has recently filed for Chapter 11(Reorganization Under the Bankruptcy Code)*. The group also declared that they are going to close some physical stores, and will focus on e-commerce for reorganizing. Nonetheless, is this decision adequate to secure their role on the stage?

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