Thriving trend: Using physical spots to offer omni-channel delivery and return options on digital marketplace

over the past decade online and mobile marketing have risen in fashion industry as well as other industries. While commerce is getting more virtual, delivering and returning of garments still keep their reality.

Shipping and returning of products might have some traditional ways; however, today’s consumer demands new and fresh offers from retail companies. Therefore, that chapter of supply chain playbook is being rewritten in accordance with the customer’s expectations by fashion retailers.

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Cotton On Breaks the Traditional Sales Rules of Fast Fashion: Have you ever bought a pair of flip-flops slippers from a vending machine?

ihad my holiday recently in Gold Coast, which is the city hosting some of the most popular surf beaches in the continent and the world including. And also, it is the location where Billabong, the surf brand known worldwide, was born almost eighty years ago.

Because of this reason, I put going to shopping a Billabong store at the top of my to do list. Believe me, I am not exaggerating, to see a store belongs to Billabong at each corner in the city is quite normal while wandering through the streets. But to see numerous stores of this brand was not the thing surprised me. But I got really amazed when I met the extraordinary sale and marketing method used by Cotton On.

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